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Anyone Can Build A Website.
I'm Oliver Kenyon, a young English entrepreneur with a passion for websites. Founder of ACBAW and full time internet marketer and website developer.
In a nutshell, that means I create and run websites, earning a full time living online. My life is amazing, this is my chance to give back!

I want to show the world how easy it is to create affordable and amazing websites. Over the past years I have created dozens of stunning websites using a platform called WordPress. It’s an amazing, free website management system used by some of the biggest sites online. If you are new to WordPress or wondering, how do i install WordPress, then let me guide you through the complete process with this free WordPress step by step guide. From understanding how to work with WordPress through to publishing your new WordPress website. This is my chance to give back and show others just how easy it is to create beautiful, affordable and easy to use websites. Anyone can build a website, including YOU!


1.Whatisa Website?

Websites Explained
In this lesson I answer the question What is a Website? and show you how they work.
  • Space on the Internet is commonly known as hosting. In order to have our website online we need to purchase some of that space. We can break this process down into three sections.

    Registrar is where we purchase our domain name.

    DNS Server is what connects our domain to our host.

    Hosting Server is the space we buy on the internet.

  • Once our website is online we can also break it down into three sections.

    Front End is what we see on our website.

    CMS is how we manage the design and content.

    Backend is the code and scripts behind the site.


2.Install Wordpress

How to Install Wordpress
In this lesson I show you How to Make/Create a Website and how to install WordPress.
  • We need three things, computer, email address, payment.

  • Visit HostGator and use coupon “AnyoneCanBuildAWebsite

  • Wait for the confirmation email from HostGator.

  • Open your email and login to your control panel.

  • Click the “Quick Install” icon and Install WordPress.

  • Check your emails and login to your new WordPress Admin Panel.


3.Wordpress Tour

Take the tour of WordPress
In this lesson I show you How to use WordPress and give you the tour.
  • Posts: Add individual posts or blog posts.

  • Media: Upload forms of media to your site.

  • Pages: Add new content pages to your site.

  • Comments: Moderate user comments.

  • Appearance: Customise the look of your site.

  • Plugins: Add software and enhancements.

  • Users: Manage user roles and access.

  • Settings: Configure your websites settings.


4.WordPress Themes

How to Install WordPress Themes
In this lesson I show you How to install WordPress Themes and customise them.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin Panel.

  • Go to Appearance > Install Theme > Search Themes.

  • Find one you like and click Preview > Install.

  • Let WordPress install the theme then click Activate.

  • Click Appearance > Themes > Options.

  • Play around with the options and customisations.


5.WordPress Plugins

How to Install WordPress Plugins
In this lesson I show you How to install WordPress Plugins and enable them.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin Panel.

  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins.

  • Find one you like and click Details > Install Now.

  • Let WordPress install your plugin then click Activate.

  • Look on the Dashboard or find where your plugin is located and click Edit.

  • Play around with the options and customisations.


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